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Europe Participate Program
New times for public officials determine the need for increased participation of citizens in policy and projects undertaken.

The socio-technological developments of the last decade, especially those related to social networks and information technologies (ICT) are highly benefiting citizen participation.

The European Foundation is promoting these processes of public participation processes including identifying and incorporating the needs and values of citizens and creating two-way communication channels that provide an exchange of information and interaction between citizens and public officials.

Citizen participation leads to a consensuated development that is highly valued by citizens. A process of participatory democracy that facilitates the integration of citizens, making it the real paradigm of an administration and transparent management.

In order to achieve this, it is essential to provide the citizens with technological tools, including direct access through social networks.

The European Foundation for the Information Society has approved a significant budget for Administrations and companies who wish to start a dialogue with its citizens or its users.