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Grants Programs ( Download full brochure )

·· Contribute Program: An aid program for the development and maintenance of online Citizenship platforms, to bring the public to decision making.

·· Administratel Program:
Itīs a Public Service that provides all citizens the possibility to use new technologies. Administratel is installed on more than 700 administrations.

·· Euripides Program: An aid program designed to create multimedia televisions for European Public Administrations. More than 33 televisions have already been approved.

·· ActiveScreen Program:
We offer Administrations a network of interactive screens placed in walkways or public waiting places to inform, advise and guide the people who visit or are present in different administrative units.


·· Mobile Administratel Program: With Administratel Mobile, phones become for all citizens -in its different versions, Smarthphone, Iphone, Blackberry, etc.,- real Administratel online terminals for administrative management.

·· EuroEditions: Scholarship program for researchers, students, European scientists, doctors and PhD students in order to help them publish original works through the publishing entity of the European Foundation.

·· Bookchannel: The first European television devoted entirely to books, writers and readers.

·· Connect program: This program ensures access to all government, public bodies and companies to the potential of social media in a personalized way, ensuring the achievement of the great benefits that these tools provide.