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European Centers of Innovation for Electronic Administration, Transparency and Citizen Participation.

European Centers are a Regionalization Program for the allocating grants from the European Foundation with and from each one of the Autonomies.

These centers are intended to establish an area of cooperation with all the Public Administrations of an Autonomy.

The European Foundation finances 100% of the creation of European Innovation Centers for eGovernment, Transparency and Citizen´s Participation.

The Centers will have from one to two people for less populated autonomies up to 30 people for Madrid.

The Foundation is willing to bring support to the Regions and the municipalities that compose them.

European Innovation Centers are entities “sui generis, without own legal framework, created between the European Foundation and a Regional Public Administration.

Its management, its operational maintenance, and their team are fully finance by the European Foundation.

In addition to bringing the support to regional administrations, this Centers aim to:

• Promote Transparency.

• Promote access to the Information Society and eGovernment, and the use of it by the citizens.

• Promote good Governance.

• Promote citizen´s participation and access to public services on line to all citizens.

• Improve the service to citizens.

• Working for digital equality.

• Optimize technology costs.

• Promote the reduction of administrative costs of administrative management.

• Facilitate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Administration