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"I congratulate the creators of this service. Computing is the third generation!."
European Commissioner for the Information Society.

"We and our partners in the City Council have been impressed by both, Administratel services as good interactivity of the terminals."
[Jacques Laberge] - Responsible for planning and strategies. Directorate General of Québec.

"It is extraordinary. I've seen it, it is the future, and it works ..."
[John Brademas] - President Emeritus. New York University.

"The service Administratel is an important element in the policy of bringing the government closer to the governed."
[Mohamed Achaari] - Minister of Culture and Communication of Morocco.

"It is a good service, it should be spreaded and extended to the population”
[Federico Mayor Zaragoza]- Former Secretary General of UNESCO, President Fund. Culture of Peace

"It's great"
[Manuel Gracia Alonso] - Director of Communications Office of the Provincial of Aragon.

"I think it's excellent"
[Celso Nores González] - Former CIO of the presidency

"I find it anincredibly useful initiative to bring the citizen closer to both the administration and the labor market. Would be interesting to further disseminate its existence. Thanks"
[María Eugenia Ocaña Villalva]

"Once tested and known Administratel service, seems like a great idea to develop and install in all municipalities"
[Juan Ignacio Castreño]

"The device is amazing. Should be on all municipalities, universities, youth centers, schools, colleges ..."
[Sandra García Muelas]

"The machine is fabulous in terms of efficiency, speed and performance. Therefore I like it to be installed in the University, government agencies, INEM and easily accessible to the citizen".
[Susana Sacristán]

"The Administratel system is fast, powerful and very flexible"
[Romero] Public Works Engineering