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Modes of Operation

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Modes of Operation
The Administratel Service consists of a technology platform coupled with a set of 225 Administrative Services Programs online and electronic offices adapted to access all services.

One of the successes of Administratel services is the powerful software platform that, patented worldwide, provide 24/7 accessibility to all administrations.

Thanks to this technological support, they are available to the public the following Administratel eGovernment Services:

Performing and online and form a distance of all administrative procedures.
Ability to electronically process (consultations, payment certificates);
Very detailed information on the administration (programs, organizational charts, directories, addresses, specific information, etc ...)
Free access to telephone services administration.
Payments and receipts with the Administration
Interactive service of consulting with citizens online
· Free and easy access to the Internet
Employment Service with the possibility of consultation and online application (100,000 jobs offered every year)
Access to all information of the European Union: policies, organization, events, scholarships...
Information campaigns for citizens
Receiving and tracking complaints
Information and services for the education, housing, health, etc ...
Systems and applications through the use of smart cards
Use of Official Gazettes
Videoconference between citizens and the Administration
Offer online tools that allow Administrations to generate statistics and developing multimedia data
Electronic digital signature recognition
Accessible to handicapped people.